Elies Van Renterghem

Photography by Elies Van Renterghem & Rachel Gruijters

where does it hurt? asks nine different artists to give an answer to the question posed in the title.

Pain is an inevitable part of life; big or small, universal or personal, or somewhere in between these extremities. Where is the pain situated, how to deal with it and what place does it get?

Working in different mediums, the different kinds of pain are given shape by the artists. Personal loss is processed into an installation, a void is cinematically filled, a small office shall be furnished and used to help relieve the pain of female refugees, physical pain is poured into a mold and different kinds of heartache will be researched performatively.

Rather than a passive experience, the exhibition aims to make the visitor wonder; where does it hurt?

The exhibition is organized and curated by Elies Van Renterghem and Rachel Gruijters, in collaboration with the artists.

With: Carla Besora, Camille Blanckaert, Sébastien Duranté, Sheila Forde, Eva Giolo, A. Liparoto, Mostafa Saifi Rahmouni, Haryo Sukmawanto and Elisabeth Van Dam

March 17-26, 2017
Adriaan Pietersstraat 11

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