Elies Van Renterghem

Photography by Jeroen De Wandel

TUMULTINGENT is an annual one-day art festival, organised by Tumult.fm, the culture platform of radio station Urgent.fm. The fifth edition was a collaboration between four curators, three ambassadors and forty artists. The result was a multi-faceted art festival in three extraordinary locations.

Swimming pool Van Eyck, the greenhouse and antique rooms of Design Museum Gent and off-space De Koer are taken over by young and loud talent. Together with the curators they look for new ways to present, see and experience art, in which they actively explore the interaction between artist and viewer, artwork and environment, and between the artists themselves. 

As a curator, I was responsible for the exhibition in the Design Museum. The artworks and performances were spread over diverse spaces, like a greenhouse and antique rooms.

With works by Arjan Vanmeenen, Flore Tanghe, Ezra Veldhuis, Maranne Walravens, Fenna Van Espen, Janne Claes, Tine Peuteman, Fen De Winter, Maud Vanhauwaert, LOUCHE, Jeroen De Wandel, Willem Boel and Sibran Sampers (ambassador).

April 19, 2017
Van Eyck, Design Museum Gent and De Koer

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